Monday, September 04, 2006

Oprah Calling

My friend Ruth (aka: GuRuth, as in GuRu...which is a catchy nickname!!!) has started a new blog to garner the attention of Harpo Productions: "I Wanna Be On Oprah".

I like it. It is spunky. But will Ms. Winfrey call??? Ruth's show idea for the popular television show is all about people who have risked it all. Ruth is looking for stories to post on her blog from people who have taken huge risks (with both successful and negative consequences) who will share their stories of their personal and professional journeys.

I enjoy the story of her bracelet that says "Risk It All" that she wears daily. With no risk, you can have no reward.

Good luck, Ruth. Let me know when Oprah calls. (I am still waiting for Oprah to contact me on my show idea about how the publishing industry has changed so much in the past few years, allowing people to self-publish and sell thousands of books via the internet).


1 comment:

GuRuth said...

LOL...thanks Thom! I'm hoping that Oprah will do a whole week of shows live from Austin so that all the stories can be told :-)