Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Get Noticed By Your Prospective Clients

C-Level executives are busy people.

I have heard that CFOs in large companies have twice the work load they did ten years ago due to Sarbaines-Oxley, IT and other compliance and security issues that now fall on their desks.

So what is a sales person to do? Leaving a voice mail or sending emails garner almost no response from executives. It is causing major frustration amongst event the most seasoned sales professionals.

Creativity, tenacity and tapping into your business network is how to get noticed. If you discourage easily, it is time to pack up and find a new career.

You need to become "A little bit famous" in your industry so that your prospects know in advance about you and your company. You need to find ways to regularly and professionally put your name in the view of your target companies.

There is no one way to accomplish this goal. Instead you need to use a wide variety of the following:



Write articles for local or industry publications

Be interviewed by the press



Speaking at Conferences

Hosting seminars

Word-of-mouth marketing

Personal testimonials from others


The only answer to getting noticed is to take the initiative. Out of sight is out of mind. Be visible and you will win more business. Sit back and wait for people to find you and it could be a long and lonely wait.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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