Sunday, September 10, 2006

Selling To Big Companies

The world of selling has changed, but most people who sell to large companies have not yet realized the new paradigms. Instead they use the same old techniques hoping to see the same results. Yet it is not working. Busy professionals inside mammoth firms are unable to devote any time to returning phone calls, much less letting sales people schedule appointments.

Author, consultant and speaker Jill Konrath knows what is different and she does a superb job of sharing what she has learned over the last two decades in her new book, "Selling to Big Companies". An experienced sales professional, Konrath has been in the sales trenches herself, so the book is full of tried and true - roll up your sleeves - useful advise for anyone who finds themselves trying to sell to large organizations, only to be continually frustrated.

I found myself nodding through the first half the book, as I personally know the pain of trying to sell to big companies. As I cruised through the second half I was taking notes and looking at ways to better grab the attention of my prospects.

Jill's website, blog, newsletter and seminars offer additional nuggets of informative information of the novice or experienced sales person.

Sometimes a book is a MUST READ. Jill Konrath's "Selling to Big Companies" is one of those books. Available at

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