Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hurray! Lima Beans For Dinner

The lima bean is under-appreciated.

My wife actually hates lima beans. She will not serve them. Meanwhile I enjoy the light-green legume.

One night when she was away at a meeting I introduced the lima bean to my daughters. A big hit in the green vegetable category.

Now on nights when Sara is away....we get to eat lima beans. I realize most dad's serve pizza or spaghetti (or ice cream for dinner!) on the nights when the wife is out. But in my crazy life....Jackie, Kate and I eat lima beans.


Mike said...

There's two really good reasons to go to Cracker Barrel on the weekend... Lima Beans and Boiled Cabbage are the vegetables of the day on Saturday and Sunday.

Long live the lima !

Chris said...

That's a crack up!