Monday, September 18, 2006

Adventure, Where Are You?

I think I need more adventure in my life. Am I alone in that feeling?

I am currently reading a book by Jim Rogers called "Adventure Capitalist", which is a follow up to his wildly successful best-seller"Investment Biker". Twice Mr. Rogers has traveled the globe in search of anything and everything one can discover. The first time by motorcycle, and this time in a custom designed 4-wheel drive Mercedes coupe.

He has the advantage on me in his quest for uber-adventure in the fact that he is rich. Not just a little rich, but the kinda wealth that lets you play by your own rules. The first sentence of the book says "I entered the investment business in 1968 with six hundred dollars in my pocket, and left in 1980, at the age of thirty-seven, with enough money to satisfy a lifelong yearning for adventure." But this yearning is not about wealth.... it is about discovery.

I actually have no desire to ride through war-torn regions of the earth or risk robbery and kidnapping by mobsters. I think I desire more modest adventures. Yet, his book is inspiring just the same. It is something about the variety of people that he gets to spend time with, and the cultural delights that he experiences that has raised my thirst for something new.

At forty-years-old I am as happy as I have been in a long time. Maybe happier than ever before in my life (and I was a happy kid). Yet I have a pang in my gut that is calling me to not just be happy, but to savor the world around me and to explore more of what it is that makes a person "human". This feeling did not materialize from reading this book, it has been there for months, but this book has me thinking. And thinking is a good thing.

So what does it take to find adventure? Is it found in ultimate road-trips like one sees in the experiences of Jim Rogers (and others like him)?. Would bungee jumping fill up that sense for more? Or could it be more simple? Is it like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, who had what she was looking for all along?

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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