Sunday, January 22, 2006

Weekend Blog #25 - Let Him Eat Cake

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Let Him Eat Cake

I was at the gym today and overheard two women talking. One is a "bride-to-be", and she spent a lot of time complaining and be-littling her fiance. I was sort of sad for this guy, as I was sure that she does this sort of talk to his face.

I was right. When he came up to join them she jumped all over him for his lack of a work out. Apparently his time spent on the cardio machines was too short, and she was making it clear that she felt he should work out harder while at the gym.

I had made some small talk with them earlier, and proceeded to jokingly add "Gosh, give the guy a break". Now I was part of the conversation, although it was all in fun and good natured.

They were bantering about wedding plans, gift registries, and their schedule for the rest of the day. It was funny, but she was clearly hen-pecking the guy. Then they asked my opinion about the "grooms cake".

Since I am not originally from the south, I had not heard of a "grooms cake" when I got married, but after 15 years in Texas, I am now very aware of the custom. Apparently this soon-to-be groom has designed "the worlds ugliest cake" for their reception (her words).

It will contain a photo of his dog and a frosting bar bell in 3-D. While I agree that it sounds awful, I told her to "let him have his cake, it is the only part of the wedding that is 100% up to him". After all, it is his wedding too.

Well, I am not sure she appreciated the advice (but she did ask for my opinion)..... he was grateful for the support. I am not sure I will ever see them again, and I know I wont be at the wedding....but I do hope she lets him have his goofy grooms it sounds like the only thing he will ever get his way for the rest of his life.

Have A Great Weekend.

Thom Singer

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