Monday, January 16, 2006

Experts Among You

There is a great post on Michelle Golden's "Golden Practices Blog" (which I just discovered, but is full of great information and I will add to my own regular blog reading list).

In this post she continues on some other blogger's comments (Patrick Lamb and Tom Kane), but Michelle sums up my biggest complaint about professional services firms. They hire very talented marketing professionals, and then ignore their advice.

She says this:

As a lawyer or accountant (or consultant), equate it to a customer who refuses again and again to heed your advice. Then imagine that same customer coming to you repeatedly to justify the value you bring to the relationship demanding ROI and results. Yet they haven't taken most of your advice.

The frustration you experience in that situation is only a taste of what a marketer you've hired feels because you are their ONLY customer.

That's why marketers leave firms in a matter of a couple of years. And that's why results aren't half as amazing as they'd be if you'd listen to your marketer and act on a lot more of their advice.

She hits the nail on the head. I know dozens of marketers who exited professional services firms within two years for this exact reason.

In addition, I know lot of attorneys who can't figure out why they cannot attract or keep high level marketing or business development professionals (try paying them as a professional and treating them with respect....there is a concept!!!!).

If you have a marketing professional in your firm, start treating them as a "professional" and not assuming you know more than they do (maybe you do...MAYBE YOU DON'T). You might be amazed with the results.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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