Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Be The Solution

Your company (or division of your company) probably had some type of planning meeting in December or January to set goals for 2006 and motivate the team.

Many businesses spend big money on these planning sessions. Everyone is out of the field for a day or two. Sometimes they are at fancy hotels or golf resorts. Big meals, team building exercises, fabulous speakers and a lot of examining the future.

So now what?

Has anything changed in your business world? Or has everyone just returned to work and their old routines? In most cases there is a week or two where people are "pumped up", and then it is business as usual.

If your company has invested time and money in goal setting and strategic planning for 2006, and then nothing changes, that is a crying shame. Wasted opportunity.

You should take responsibility and get your team focused on achieving those goals.

Why you? Why not?

Regardless of your place on the corporate ladder, you can influence change in your organization. Here are three tips:

1. Lead by example. Nothing speaks louder than action. Start to do small things that can move your team forward. Small victories will help others want to participate.

2. Do not gripe. Too much time is spent complaining in today's business world. Do not be part of it. If you have people in your firm who routinely have "closed door" discussions about the boss or other co-workers, do not participate. In fact, ask the complainers how they plan to be part of the solution, not the problem.

3. Find a partner. Look around your office for another person who will work with you to advance your company toward success. One person can accomplish many things. Two can do much more.

Don't just sit there. Be the solution.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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