Friday, January 27, 2006

Open Question Friday - Week #3

Every Friday I answer a question from readers of this blog on how they should handle a specific issue with regards to networking, business development, career, etc...

Each week I will select a question from my email and try to answer it to the best of my ability. However, as with any free advice, you get what you pay for. If you disagree with my opinion, please add to the discussion by posting a comment to this blog.

Question # 3

This question is from Sue.

"Why do you write a blog?"

I began writing this blog as a way to promote my book, "Some Assembly Required: How to Make, Keep and Grow Your Business Relationships". I had heard that blogs were a good way to increase your Search Engine Optimization, and drive web traffic to your main web page.

In many ways, this has worked out great. People have found me, and my book.....and they have purchased copies (which is what every author wants.....people to read his book!!!). Sadly, Oprah Winfrey has not called to add me to her book club. Ahhhh, a boy can dream, but apparently she does not spend much time reading my blog.

What I did not realize was that by creating this blog I would improve my writing skills. Like any exercise, the more you work out, the better toned you become..... With my writing, I am in much better shape.

In addition, I use my many of my posts as outlines for longer articles and speeches (I have been asked to give talks about the importance of networking to many business groups and companies).

Since I now have daily readers of this blog (that took a long time), I feel an obligation to post regularly, as I get bored with blogs that do not have frequently fresh information. I have deleted many from my "blogroll" who do not write posts often.

Finally, the blog has allowed me to meet many interesting people across the country. I get emails almost daily from a variety of people who have questions,, comments and opinions. I like that. (Keep your cards and letters coming!!!)

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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