Tuesday, November 08, 2005

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JD Moore (Marketing Guru, Blogger, and former "Guest Blogger Friday" Contributor) had a great post last week on his Marketing Comet Blog titled "Small Business Marketing Moniker". In this post he reminded us that our tag lines, slogans and monikers are an important part of our brand.

To sum it up, he says:

What makes a good moniker?:

*It must be very short - 7 words or less is a good rule of thumb.

*It must make the right type of association. Volvo's thing is safety. They should not use a moniker like "the car that won't get you killed." The brain doesn't picture NOT getting killed, it can only think of getting killed. Unconsciously a moniker like this would build fear in many customers. Think positive.

*It should fit your brand and your identity. Don't be cute if the rest of your branding isn't cute.

*Don't be too serious if your branding is whimsical.

*The best monikers associate a benefit, feature, or offer. Think "Home of the_____"

He's right.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer


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