Sunday, December 14, 2014

Recipe for Real Referrals: John Corcoran - Referral # 1

In 2015 I want to find ways to make a real referral every week. 

Maybe more often.  I am still figuring out how to make this real.  

Fortunately I come across awesome people all the time.  My career brings me into contact, directly and indirectly, with great souls who are doing interesting things.  I already write "Cool Things My Friends Do" and host the "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast", but not everyone is my friend, nor can I have everyone on the show.

Alas, I have no idea how I will refer someone each week.  I am not sure that simply blogging about them is enough.  I want to really connect people.  But for now I will start with the blog and see how it goes.  I have found that "doing" makes things happen.    

My first referral is NOW (why wait until the new year??).  But here is the thing... I don't really know this person.  I just want to refer him for some greater reason.  I simply enjoy his podcast. 

After enough shows I falsely feel we are friends.  But his show is good, and he interviews real people doing real things (not just GURU's).  He is not a person who only highlights those up the ladder (I am sick of those people), he talks to all types of people without pre-judging what they bring to him.

I have been deep into the world of podcasts lately (because of the launch of my own show, "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do"), and lately I have been listening to John Corcoran and "The Smart Business Revolution Podcast".  I do not know John, but since I have been listening to a lot of shows, I have come to respect him.

If you are looking for a good podcast filled with real and actionable business ideas.... subscribe, download and review "The Smart Business Revolution".  So many podcasts are hosted by people for whom I quickly lose respect.  A friend and I listen to similar shows and share the "ick-factor" when it is discovered.  It is almost a game to find a show that at first seems inspiring and then discover the host is a fraud or a "taker".

Over the past few weeks (and many of his episodes) I have come to decide that John Corcoran is not icky.  The real deal if you like business podcasts.  I think you can feel good with this show over the long run.  

Check it out.

And now pay it forward:  Go and publicly refer someone else.

Have A Great Day

thom singer

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