Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stopping The Judgmental Ways

There is an epidemic of being judgmental.  

I want to stop this in my own life.  While I cannot change how other people behave, I do have control over my own actions. Being a seeker I am always trying to tinker with myself and learn from my mistakes.  I continuously seek ways to improve.  I have delivered many blunders in my life, and there will be more, but I try to view my own shortcomings and grow past them where I can (sometimes it is difficult).

When people judge me, and especially when they are wrong, it hurts.  Yet I catch myself judging others and jumping to conclusions far to easily.  I am not clairvoyant and have no clue what someone thinks or feels, and I want to stop filling in the blanks from my own imagination.

I mentioned this while giving a speech recently.  The feedback from the audience was interesting.  It resonated with many who hate being judged, yet knew they are fast to draw fast opinions. 

Apparently this is a topic I need to explore. 

Anyone know how to become less of a judge and more of a person who is open to the greatness that others bring?  Have you ever judged and then changed your mind?  How do you deal with that?  Are second chances something you give and get in life?

Have A Great Day

thom singer 

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