Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lessons from Fraternity and Sorority Life

We can learn from many different people and in a variety of places.  
Too often our perspectives can make us think that our own industries are the only place to find inspiration.  However, the best entrepreneurs are observers and always seeking fresh points of view.

Recently I was a "Featured Speaker" at the AFA (Association of Fraternity / Sorority Advisors) Annual Meeting.  This is a group of professionals who work on college campuses and for the national offices of fraternities and sororities.  I was impressed with dedication these people have for their profession and to serving the college men and women with whom they work.  The conference had a strong vibe of energy from the people who care deeply about their industry.

Fraternities and sororities regularly deal with issues that are similar to those that perplex entrepreneurs; risk management, recruitment, budgeting, public relations, philanthropic efforts, goal setting, conflict resolution, etc...  My own experience in a college fraternity was very much like being part of a start-up.  We were a young chapter of a big organization (I am #66 in the roll book) with ambitious goals to grow something bigger than what we had found when we joined.  I learned many things in this organization that I use daily in my life as a business professional.

In the most recent episode of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" (Episode 26) I interview several attendees at AFA Annual Meeting about what can be learned from the Greek Life experience.  While I sometimes hear people say fraternities and sororities are relics from the past, the reality is these organizations are discovering new ways to teach leaderships skills to a new generation.

The Greek System is known to many only for the negative situations that play out in the movies or on the news, but there are many positive experiences that members of these organizations encounter that have constructive effects of their lives.... during college and beyond.

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