Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Recipe for Referrals - Grant Baldwin

Each week in 2015 I will be trying to refer someone.  I am struggling to know how to make this "Recipe for Referrals" meaningful, as simply posting here on my blog is not enough.  I want to make a difference, but have not figured out what that looks like.  While I have lots of regular readers on the blog, most are living (as we all are) in "information overload", and thus I am not sure I have enough impact.

But for now I am starting here on my blog.  The first few weeks seem to be referrals to interesting podcasts and the podcasters who host shows that I think people should know about.  I have conversations with daily with people who are discovering the great information provided via this medium of podcasting, and it is fun to share shows I think matter.

Today I am referring Grant Baldwin.  He is one of the most impressive people I have met this year, and he hosts a great show called "How Did You Get Into That?".  On his show he interviews interesting people who have jobs that make you wonder, how did they get into that???

Grant is a professional speaker, coach, and is launching a new online course on clarity.  He is also a father of three kids and an all-around nice guy.  We have a few mutual friends, but met in-person at a conference this summer, and I was instantly his fan.

Unlike many podcasters, Grant is not some self-appointed guru who is trying to separate people from their money.  He is a normal guy trying to build his business and wants to share and serve others along the way.

His slogan is "Giving you confidence to find the work you love"... and that is important stuff.  In talking with Grant when I met him, he clearly loves his career.  Too few people are blessed with that level of excitement (I understand... because I am uber-enthusiastic about my work, too).

Jump over to GrantBaldwin.com to learn more.  He has a blog, info on his speaking and coaching, and links to his podcast. 

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