Sunday, December 21, 2014

David Ralph and the "Join Up Dots" Podcast - Recipe for Real Referrals (Referral #2)

Referring people to others has many positive impacts.  

If I connect two people who do business together, someone finds a product or service while the other gets a new client.  Boom.  

If I suggest a book or podcast that inspires someone.  Pow.

If I have knowledge that helps somebody in their own journey.  Bang.

It is good to be that connector. When others win in some way, I win, too (being a person who assists should make you feel good. The world is not a zero sum game).

In 2015 I want to raise my efforts to make real referrals.  I am still trying to figure out what this means.  It has to be more than writing up cool things on my blog or sharing awesome souls with the world  via the podcast.  I want to make referrals where actions happen, and I am not sure that just writing here it is enough.  But I am starting here under the title of "Recipe for Referrals", as with each ingredient I get closer to the final product.  

For now I am blogging things I want the world to know about.  But I am aware this does not go far enough, as few people share out the blog posts they read (and not enough people read my blog).  In 2005 when I launched this blog it was common that others would forward all sorts of information. Shares and trackbacks were very common and important in the Blogosphere. Yet the world has changed and sharing has slowed.  Maybe that is because there is more information (too much information) on the internet.  Or perhaps it is the hyper-focused pursuit of self-promotion.

Either way, each week I want to make sure I am referring someone or something.  If nobody cares, that is okay too.  I want to be one who tries to connect.

Today I am going to refer another podcast that I think you will find amazing.  Last week I highlighted a person I met via my podcasting efforts.  As a podcaster I have begun to listen and learn from those who are blazing podcasting trails.  In a world with millions of podcasts I am quickly identifying the ones that are not "icky".  Too many are "Guru's" with agendas.... yet many are hosted by caring souls who want to share.  Thus this referral is also about a podcast you should be consuming regularly.

Have you ever heard of the"Join Up Dots" podcast?  If not, I suggest you go to iTunes or Stitcher and download several episodes.  Spend your next few workouts listening to host David Ralph (a nice man who clearly has a givers soul) interview a cornucopia of guests from a wide variety of backgrounds.  He lives in England (so he has that cool accent) and possesses a unique way to get guests to open up their hearts and share things they might not usually tell people about how they tackle life and success.

Several of my friends (and myself) have been interviewed on this podcast.  With over 230 episodes you might be overwhelmed as to where to start... so let me refer you to some shows with people I admire (and my own Join Up Dots interview).

Episode 237 - Jessica Pettitt
Episode 231 - Sean Ackerman
Episode 214 - Thom Singer
Episode 199 - Mike Domitrz
Episode 182 - Thomas Umstattd
Episode 175 - Ryan Avery
Episode 169 - Greg Barth
Episode 125 - Honoree Corder
Episode 100 - Michael O'Neal

If you invested the time to listen to just these episodes, I think you would find yourself positively moved for knowing about these people, and for leaning about David Ralph.

Have A Great Day

thom singer

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