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Cool Things My Friends Do (Week #106) - You Night New Orleans and Lisa Angelos McKenzie

Each week on this blog I enjoy highlighting some of the cool things my friends do in their personal and professional lives.

Sometimes I find friends get profiled several times in this "Cool Things My Friends Do" series.  The lesson is that those who do something amazing are often the same people who make a habit of stretching their talents.

Lisa Angelos McKenzie is always up to something interesting.  She is a mom, an entrepreneur, a traveler, community leader, and a friend to many.  (I wrote about her fashion company on this blog here and here).  She touches the lives of people and brings a spark of fun to every activity.  I have known Lisa since college.  We literally met on the freeway (long story, and we only will tell you the details over beers).

Lisa's company, Ooh La Bra, is currently involved producing a charity event for breast cancer survivors in New Orleans, LA.  I love the story of what they are doing and wanted to share it (as you many not know, we lost both my mother and mother-in-law to breast cancer... so I support this cause!!!).

In a nutshell they are partnering with a local cancer center who refers breast cancer patients who have either gone through treatment or are presently in treatment. The hospital uses the event as "empowerment" therapy for these ladies who can take their focus off the negative part of having cancer, and repositioning their thinking to the victory so that they can start living their lives with a healthy and empowered mindset as they prepare to get up on that stage in front of their family and friends. 

The ladies go through 8 weeks of professional runway, pose and print training. They begin with shoulders hunched over, very insecure about what cancer has done to them emotionally and physically, and then they slowly a butterfly who has learned to spread its wings again and they rock the runway like professionals. 

Twenty-four salons and twenty-four boutiques participate in styling the twenty-four models, uniting a community for the bigger cause which is to showcase the victory over cancer. These women are not just models on a stage, but "role models" for the community. 

Check out the website ... There are two videos you should watch. The home page shows the event, and the "About Us" page shows a really cool intimate video of the survivors telling how the event changed their lives. 

It's a two-fold event -- 1) Guests pay to attend a dinner, cocktail and runway show and enjoy the event and 2) Sponsors donate and help raise money for the local cancer center.  

If you have friends in New Orleans I encourage you to share this information.  If Lisa is involved I can promise the event will be incredible.

They are looking to take this event to other cities.  If you are so moved by the power of this event, reach out to Lisa.... as she would love to help you make this a reality in your community.

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