Monday, May 26, 2014

Going to the next level

"If you do not design your own plan in life - chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan.  And guess what they have planned for you?  -- Not much"  - Jim Rohn
Many people want to move their career up to the next level.  I do.

Waiting for someone else to bring me success is not a good plan.  Doing so would mean I may wait forever and miss some of the coolest experiences.  Thus far along my journey I have been fortunate, but it is not because of being passive and hoping for luck to drop from the sky.  But even with the successes I have encountered, there are still milestones ahead to conquer.

The hard part is finding the right people to guide me along the way.  Few we encounter have "the success of others" on their list of goals.  Most people spend no time thinking about you and your goals.  But there are special individuals who will push and pull you to the next level.

When we are alone opportunity can be hard to recognize.   Sometimes we get distracted, other times self-doubt clouds our courage.  This is when people matter.  Support, love, encouragement, advise, and shared knowledge is the currency that has the deepest value to those of us who seek a path upward.

Design your plan, and find the right people to help you stay the course.  Some of the people you think are there to boost you are not really the ones who make the biggest difference.  It is not that they are working against you (although some of those people exist as well), but not everyone has it in their DNA to invest in serving others.  Assembling a Mastermind Group of like-minded "seekers" (who are also "doers") is the best way I have found to navigate this climb.  My group has chops, and each time we meet (live or online) I find my desire to push on my gas-pedal and go faster and further.

Each day I have to work at growing my business.  Some days I get frustrated by lack of progress or even a slide backwards.  Yet I work no matter what happens.  As I try to learn and expand my abilities, new teachers appear.  The right people are out there, and they are part of my plan.

Confidence is what keeps me going most days, and even when I am unsure, I still do the work and hunt for those who want long-term and mutually-beneficial connections.  It is an adventure.  Join me.

Have A Great Day

thom singer

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