Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Handwritten Note - Never a bad idea

A friend sent me a link to an article on The Huffington Post about reasons to send Handwritten Notes.

"7 Reasons to Bring Back Back Thank You Notes" by Brie Dyas did a good job of reminding us all why the handwritten note is special.  I liked the article (afterall, I am the guy who deemed 2014 "The Year of the Handwritten Note").  There were only a few comments on this post (it is hardly controversial), however, what stood out to me were the comments on this post that ridiculed the idea.
Maria Rosa wrote: "This is so 1950's ------NO THANKS."
Mike G wrote: "I say thank you in person - or on the phone - preferably in public or at least usually one other person hears it but that's not required but it spreads good will. I don't need to actually write a note. Personal contact is even better."
I find it interesting that people take the time to argue against sending handwritten notes. To their points, just because we did something in the past does not mean it is wrong now.  And in person verbal appreciation is great, it is not the always seen by the other person as you making a real effort. 

To Maria and Mike I suggest the next time they recieve a note in the mail from a friend who wants to say "Thank You" or another wish for life, that they call the person and tell them to "Go To Hell".  They should ridicule their friend for a note that was dumb and useless.  They can add that they now think less of them as a human because they sent a handwritten note.  Maybe spitting on the floor to add punctuation.  

Nobody would do that after getting a handwritten note (Gosh, I hope nobody would do that!).  The reason they would never do this is because getting a note shows that the person who sent it cares for the recipient more than a text, email or call.  

So while Mike and Maria are not obligated to send notes, why would they argue against them?  

Let's counteract these people who roll their eyes.  Go send a note to someone in your life who matters. The person who helps you in a time of need or that new person you just met at a networking event. Ms Dyas is correct, a handwritten note has many reasons to come back in style.

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