Friday, May 24, 2013

Cool Things My Friends Do: Ryan Surber - Founder of MyCharityLife

Each Friday on this blog I enjoy highlighting some of the cool things my friends do in their personal and professional lives.

I had the honor to meet Ryan Surber and Nora Harding from MyCharityLife.  They are part of a team that is growing the MyCharityLife program and taking it across the country with the mission of getting young people engaged with giving.  I was taken in by their story and think they are doing something very cool.  

Ryan has dedicated himself to this cause and is building a way for people to give small amounts, over time, and then watch their philanthropic endeavors grow to serve charities in their local markets.  He and Nora are currently visiting 100 cities to share the message, but are calling "home" a split between Austin, Texas and Des Moines, Iowa.

MyCharityLife began a little over two years ago. Since that time Ryan has sold his financial services practice, downsized his life and possessions, bought a touring rig consisting of a 33’ 1999 Bluebird and 28’ trailer that serves as their home, mobile office, mobile video production studio, mobile tradeshow booth, and their party-on-the-go.

The creative team is made up of a great crew from Des Moines and Bangladesh, and two of them were even crazy enough to join him on the road in launching MyCharityLife to 100 cities over the next 52 weeks.

There are so many reasons to give back, and Ryan strongly believes that the millennial generation wants to give back while being heard. He has been an active part of leading this generation in different ways to do good and give back for over a decade, and MyCharityLife is the best of these movements and organizations.

If you are moved by what they are doing, then get involved:  Create a profile, build a personal charity portfolio, and commit to funding that portfolio every month. Host a meet-up in your town, or maybe even get a few leaders together to create a local MyCharityLife team. This can become something very personal in this world of social media. And the world needs more givers!!!

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