Friday, May 10, 2013

Cool Things My Friends Do: Cameron Gibson - Dollar A Day

Each Friday on this blog I enjoy highlighting some of the cool things my friends do in their work and professional lives.

Cameron Gibson is a young man with a vision for making the world a better place.  He realizes that you do not have to be rich to impact your community, and he is taking on a monumental project to help get his generation excited about making the world a better place.

Cameron is the founder and CEO of Dollar A Day.  Their mission is to give kids around the world the opportunity to learn invaluable life lessons through participation in sports, music, and creative arts. These programs are being cut in many schools because of budget issues, but Cameron knows that being engaged in these activities can change the lives of children.  He has a cause and he is looking to solve the problem.

Dollar A Day is doing things differently.  It is not a charity but a company.  At first I raised my eyebrows at a for-profit organization raising money, but Cameron is all about transparency.  He is passionate about the cause, open with his company's financial records, and looking for ways to get people involved with the idea of giving small amounts that add up to big changes.   Not all organizations that serve the greater good are charities, and he wants to grow something that has an impact.

I firmly believe that new and different models are needed to get better results.  The status quo does not seem to work in all cases.  Our world has some big issues that need creative solutions.  Cameron has that common trait of youthful excitement combined with the rare trait of taking action.  That coupling, when done right, can have a huge impact!

Dollar A Day is currently raising money on the crowd-source funding site Indiegogo.  Their goal is $100,000 to help launch the business to the next level.  Check out their efforts.

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