Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jealousy Holds You Back

Jealousy.   It is as old as time itself.  No matter how advanced our society becomes, there are still those who are jealous of what others accomplish.  There is no app that changes how people will feel (or behave).  Jealousy is called the "Green-Eyed Monster"... and it really is a monster!

A question was raised this week by a client on how to deal with someone who is jealous.  She has a business relationship with someone who is constantly complaining about how others have more than her, despite her advanced intelligence and degrees.  This petty attitude and desire to keep up with the "Joneses" was well known in their group of friends, but it was starting to drive my client crazy.  She could not just cut this person out because of a long list of personal and business inner-connections.

I did not know how to advise my client, as I can think of few people I have dealt with that had that worn jealousy on the outside to this degree.  I have a few examples of people who did not share a like-minded view on celebrating success in others (and found ways to try to undermine others).  But those people seem to move to find others to annoy with their jealous nature.  

You cannot control what goes on in the heads of other people.  If you cannot remove yourself from a person who has something in their personality that bothers you, it is best to just accept that we all have our good stuff and bad stuff.  Accept that others are just human.  Move on when you can.  Smile and be nice the rest of the time.

Jealousy holds you back.  We all have those feeling of envy sometimes, but letting it bubble over into jealousy will block your own path to success.  I try to remember that other people's success is simply proof that there are pathways to my own achievement.  Then I go work on my goals.  The victories that others have in their life should be an inspiration, not a distraction.  We can all accomplish so much more in our lives.

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