Monday, May 06, 2013

Motivational Speaker - Austin Texas

The keynote speaker sets the tone for the whole conference.  When you are looking for a motivational and educational speaker to inspire your audience for an event in Austin, Texas (or beyond), be sure to include Thom Singer on your short list.

Known as "The Conference Catalyst", Thom Singer is an experienced speaker who will get people more engaged in all aspects of the conference.

When you select Thom Singer as a keynote speaker, workshop leader, Master of Ceremonies, or engage him as "The Conference Catalyst",.... your vibe at your event will be supercharged.   All industries (including: lawyers, bankers, accountants, engineers, IT professionals, etc...) are inspired by his high energy and interactive presentations.

Select Keynotes:

"Connecting with people in a social media crazy world"

"Cooperative Significance for Business Leaders"

"Know your purpose beyond an elevator pitch"

Singer lives in Austin, Texas - and brings his local perspective to your event!!

Contact Thom Singer at (512) 970-0398  or Thom (at)

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