Saturday, July 07, 2012

Who Remembers Southfork?

If you are old enough to remember the Reagan years, then you know the most famous white house of that era was NOT in Washington DC.

Nope, not by a long-shot.  

The most iconic mansion of the day was the Southfork Ranch.  Let's face it, we all know who shot JR and the Dallas ranch home of the Ewing family's escapades was as memorable as any character on the long running series. 

While I have lived in Texas for 21 years, I had never been to the home of Miss Ellie.  On a recent family trip to Dallas we drove over to tour the ranch.  It is now not only the set for the new TNT Dallas series, but is open to the public daily.

Part of me was horrified that we were going to the outdoor set of a 1980's TV show.... but another part of me loved driving down the famous driveway and sitting by the pool where they found the body of Kristin Shepard (she is who shot JR, and was later found dead in the Southfork pool).

While I did not watch Dallas for the whole 13 years it was on CBS (I was in college for much of that time, and my Friday nights were occupied with other activities), I did see enough of the early episodes to feel at home roaming the ranch.  We sat by the pool and remembered the days of big Texas hair.

As goofy as it sounds, it was fun to visit the ranch.  My kids, who were born nearly two decades after the show's heyday were bored to death.  By the standards of today's TV mansions Southfork is very small.  Had Hanna Montana lived there I am sure it would have had more appeal to the younger members of the family!

The new series (Dallas airs Wednesday nights on TNT) has resurrected interest in the ranch tours.  They also rent it out for private parties, weddings, proms, etc....

What famous TV place from your childhood would you like to visit?

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