Sunday, July 29, 2012

Better Decisions (New Training Class)

Thanks to my Human Resources friends from several companies for helping me brainstorm a new training class offering.

"Better Decisions (with People)" is a half-day or full-day class designed to encourage teams to better understand the power of business relationships, cultivate internal networking connections and make team oriented decisions.

The class utilizes DiSC Workplace Assessments, communication skills, leadership techniques, and facilitated group discussions.

Participants will learn to:

*Better communicate with co-workers

*Understand of different working styles

*Create a team oriented culture

*Network inside the company

*Identify and highlight the strengths of coworkers

For more information on offering this class to your team, contact me at thom (at) or (512) 970-0398

Have A Great Day

thom singer

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Rigoberto Stokes said...

Business wouldn’t be business without partnerships or relationships. This part, actually, is where many great people and teams fail. Consulting your curriculum with human resources is definitely a great help. We all know that they spent a considerable amount of time studying about human activities, and one of their specializations being human psychology; they have a better grasp than most of us do regarding human behavior.

Rigoberto Stokes