Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let The Games Begin - 2012 Olympics Bring The World Community Together!

After watching the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics in London, I am excited about the games.  There is something special about the Olympics.  I was a teenager in 1984 when the Olympics were held in Los Angeles, and we all very excited to be part of the pageantry.  I attended several events that year and still hold the memories among the most special experiences of my life (My dad had the experience twice as he also attended the 1932 games in LA).

I did not love the London opening show.... but my opinion is just that -- an opinion.   Art is subjective.  It was clearly well thought out, and flawlessly executed.  Choreographer Danny Boyle is to be complemented for his production.

Maybe I allowed the Chinese Olympiad of four years ago to set the bar too high for what I want from a worldwide televised spectacle.  That one was a visual WOW to watch on TV.  Last night was not the same vibe.

If all you did was follow the opening ceremonies on Twitter you would have had the impression that the show was great or awful.  The comments were fun to watch as differing opinions floated past quickly.

I was a little critical in some tweets.... which caused one Brit to reply that it was not expected for American's to understand the imagery (ouch).  Another person told me I was being cynical.  Maybe I was, but I think I understood the whole thing!  And I loved the Queen for filming the James Bond skydiving entry... as that made me laugh out loud.  Her Majesty is clearly a good sport.  Oh... and who doesn't love Mr. Bean?

But it does not matter what I thought.  The show rocked (and I imagine being present in the stadium must have been amazing!!).  I like how they incorporated many wonderful British celebrities, sports heroes, and history.  As Americans we are tightly joined to Great Britain.

I woke this morning feeling good.  Who doesn't feel good when they think of the Olympics?

In the end, the Queen opened the games of the 30th Olympiad and the world is joined for two weeks in the spirit of sport.

Have A Great Day

thom singer


Eithne Jones said...

Nice post Thom!
I was the one who suggested that you were being a little too cynical on Twitter about the smoke stacks and kids in hospital beds, but then I had the benefit of the commentator explaining the references ( Mary Poppins takes on Voldermort and the other baddies!). And by the way, I was stunned by one fellow's suggestion that Americans wouldn't 'get' it.....

Personally I was uplifted by the opening ceremony, felt that it hit so many great notes, showed a pride and a realism in British achievements and developments over the years, intermingled with a superb ability to laugh at themselves. In fact I think Danny Boyle created a show that forced us to confront our all too easy cynicism....who couldn't have been touched by the vibrancy of the colours, the multi ethnic participation, the huge emphasis on youth (having a mixed hearing and deaf choir sing and sign the national anthem!!) ?
I agree with you, the games are on, and hundreds of young athletes from all across the world will inspire us by attempting to go higher, faster, stronger over the next two weeks. One great big, colourful, unifying occasion.
Hip hip hurray!


Thom Singer said...


Thanks for your comment. You were correct on my being a bit cynical... and in the end I did feel very good about the event. And I liked the way the non-famous youth lit the flame. At first I was not sure, but then I realized it is all about the future! ;-)

I appreciate your adding to the discussion!!!