Monday, July 23, 2012

"We Have To Tolerate Him". Does Every Organization Have A Resident Jerk?

A colleague of mine was interviewed by a meeting planner at an association to be the keynote speaker at an event.  At the end of the phone call she told him that he would have to speak with the executive director, and one board member before a final decision was made.

That is common.

Then she said "the Board Member is a real jerk, but humor him".  She continued to say "nobody in the organization respects him, but we tread lightly and worry about making him mad by not including him in the speaker selection, as he will rant and rave... and might attack your presentation publicly... if he is not involved. If he hates you to the point of making a stink, we can't hire you... but if he likes (or is neutral) you he will take credit for finding you in the first place".


Apparently he liked my friend, as he got the job.  But upon hearing about this experience I wondered how many organizations have resident "jerks".  Why do boards and staff put up with them?   And do these people realize they are a joke to those around them?

Who wins when someone is a bully?  Nobody.

Apparently this guy was a piece of work in person.  He was critical.  He was nasty.  He complained about everyone and everything.  And yet the members of the association lined up around him as if he was royalty.  As the speaker, my friend did not have to deal with this man, but he was aware the negative vibe and the simultaneous ring kissing.

We have all encountered these type of people, but why do we tolerate them?  

Have a great day.

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