Sunday, July 01, 2012

Recognizing Inspiration

A photo on Pinterest of Rice Krispie Treats shaped like watermelon slices inspired me.

The kids were looking for something to do so I took the inspiration and we made our own version.  It was easy, fun, and who does not love eating Rice Krispie Treats?  A few cups of cereal, some marshmellows, chocolate chips (for the seeds) and  a couple of drops of food coloring and we were all set.

After our morning  fun-time of "crafts with food", I began thinking about inspiration.  How often do we see interesting things and move on without ever being moved to a new series of thoughts?  But when we pause and ponder we can create amazement in our hearts and soul.

It takes intention to be looking for inspiration, followed by action to make something happen.

The more I seek ideas from the outside, the more creative my mind becomes on the inside.  We need to push our brains to link new ideas and discover fresh ways to tackle old problems.  This does not mean copying someone else for the sake of taking a shortcut or stealing an idea.  I am talking about adding to ideas, changing the pieces, and doing it your own way.

Most greatness I have witnessed is inspired by something or someone.  Those I have encountered who believe they are smarter than everyone else have trouble with this concept (most of the time these people are not superior, they are overly self-obsessed).  They are sure every idea they have bubbled-up from deep inside their lone soul, and anyone who does anything similar clearly took their brilliance. 

We all have personal strengths that when inspired can materialize cool results.  Do not wait for ideas.... seek then out and morph what you see into your own customized masterpiece.  Recognize what is inspiring and then take action.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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Unknown said...

The way you make me stop and think is some of my best inspiration!