Thursday, April 12, 2012

Inner Purpose

I had an incident.  Details do not matter.  It was nothing catastrophic.  Hardly the stuff that people write about on their blog.  It simply caused me to think clearly about my purpose.

Purpose is the reason for which something exists.  Why do I strive to do the things I do?  Determination.  Resoluteness. What really pushes me toward success?

Interestingly, it was like a movie.  In the middle of the night I woke up and just nodded "yep, that's it!".  I grasped my purpose a little better than I had before.  I went back to sleep.

As I have gone about my business I have had this purpose in the front of my mind.  It guides me in making decisions.  It nudges me to be a better person.  An internal purpose is like the gas in your engine.  It makes me smile even when I have lost focus on what to smile about!

Without going into details, it has become clear that knowing my inner purpose has lead me to more opportunity.  Business opportunities have appeared that bring me closer to all my goals.  The two are not visibly connected, but yet they are interwoven.

This purpose has made me care less what others think (because sometimes people fill in the blanks with lots of stuff they make up in their heads), and care more about my own actions.  Although I think we all care a little about what others think, I now select more carefully whose opinions matter to me.  (others can still make me sad, but that is because I am a human being).

Mistakes scare me less.  I know I will make them, we all do.  Yet too many people make sport of gossip about the shortfalls of others while ignoring their own faults.  My faults help feed my purpose.  No matter what I do there will be those who will assume what they want to assume.  Taking ownership of my missteps and going forward while trying not to make the same mistakes twice is all we can expect from ourselves or others.

What is your inner purpose?  You don't have to tell me, but life gets better when you tell yourself!

Have A Great Day

thom singer

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