Saturday, April 28, 2012

Who Excites You?

There are not that many people who excite. We live in a "vanilla world" and people cannot escape from the being blah.  You cross paths with hundreds of people a week, but most do not stand out.  Too many of us have turned down our "tone" to ensure we fit in with the crowd.

Safe.... but not exciting.

Every now and then we run across someone who is inspiring and exciting.  These people get our attention and are remembered.  I think of us many wish they fell into this category, but we fall short.

This is true in the world of celebrities.  Some are just more interesting (I am talking about "in a good way"... not "in a Kardashian way").  A real stand out actor, author, politician, or other celebrity makes us feel something inside.  They get under our skin.

In my profession (professional speakers), some can emotionally connect with the soul of an audience and get them pumped up while also delivering meaningful content. Other speakers just go through the motion and deliver a report.  Maybe it is "good" information, but not "exciting".

But beyond the tabloids or conference stage who is it that gets you excited?  (I am talking business here, folks!).  Think about the conversations you had the last few days, was there anyone who had that spark in their soul that reached out and got you thinking and feeling in a different way?  What was it about them that was exciting?

I am always looking for people who have that unique aura around them that motivates me to try harder or think deeper.  We should champion those who bring excitement to an otherwise dull routine.  But I question if most people are comfortable with those who inspire.  What do you think?

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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