Saturday, April 28, 2012

Attention on Ideas

A friend and I were talking about ideas.  Specifically, we were talking about how some people put their attention toward ideas, while others talk (gossip) about people.  The real thought leaders we know are always focused on ideas. Those who talk about people are often cataloging what others do (and not always the good stuff).

Idea people are the engine of the future. They do not care about what type or car another person drives or where their house is located.  These folks are less impressed with the subject someone majored in college than they are with the concepts the person can bring to a conversation.  Sharing ideas, and expanding on them (and taking action), are how anyone can change themselves and the world.

It is hard to focus on ideas.  They are often obscure.  Difficult to quantify.  And most of all an idea without action is not worthy of much.  People are sometimes scared of their own ideas being ridiculed by those who do not cherish the power of thoughts.

Putting attention on ideas is a struggle, but the results are the building blocks of legend.  

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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