Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Change Your Point Of View

Nobody argues that life these days can be busy.  Overwhelming for many.  We have a constant stream of information coming at us, and often we are making conscious and unconscious choices at every moment.  There is little time to sit and just "be".

I tend to see the world from my own point of view.  Others do the same thing.  Sometimes we are surrounded by people who share our ways, and other times we are in conflict with those with differing views of life.  Many people jump to the conclusions that they are "right", which makes others "wrong".  But often it is not that easy.

The knee jerk reaction to being right leaves people with a superior feeling.  When they do not have all the facts they fill in the blanks with their own guesses, and then hold their adversaries in a negative light.  I try hard to get past these "feelings" about people and situations, but it usually takes a purposeful intent to not jump to my own answers.

When I am open to looking at situations from differing points of view I am usually amazed at my understanding of what motivates people who have beliefs that do not match how I see things.  A small push of my own mind to look at something from another vantage point brings not only understanding, but also more peace.

What do you think?

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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