Saturday, April 28, 2012

Protagonist of Possibilities

Who is your Protagonist of Possibilities?

Few people are really present in our lives who recognize and support our personal and professional goals.  We may think that those near and dear to our hearts understand what we strive to accomplish, but too many are caught up in their own "stuff" that they are blind to everything else.  It is rare to find those caring souls who are helpful to us along our journey toward success.

Antagonists seem to be everywhere and it is common to encounter people who want to dismiss our dreams and desires.  People gossip about those around them and question the legitimacy of the success enjoyed by others.  Have you ever felt undermined or dismissed by someone in your network?  It happens.

The people who have your back and go out of their way to follow through on their intentions are worth their weight in gold.  I talk often about those with "Follow Through DNA", and the term resonates with audiences because most people find few people who have this trait (of doing what they say they will do).

Recognizing who in your life lifts you up, pushes you along, and applauds your victories is important.  Never take these folks for granted.

We all need "protagonists of possibilities" - but they are rare.

Are you one who helps others or are you caught up in your own stuff?

Have A Great Day

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