Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Setting Goals For 2011

If you are a goal setter, you probably do not need to read this post.

If you are one who rolls their eyes when people talk about goal setting.... then this one might be for you (or you will just roll your eyes at this point, and move on).

Setting goals can be a good way to achieve more in your life. Knowing what you want, having a clear path to get there, and taking action is the only way to expand yourself. Well, there is waiting for luck, prayer, and the law of attraction.... and that does work for some people.... while others wait (and wait and wait) and wonder why nothing ever works for them.

Knowing what you want makes it much easier when you are faced with tough choices: "Does this action take me closer to my goal, or lead me farther away from my goal?" is a wonderful question that can keep people from making big mistakes.

Selecting the right goals, that are both attainable and realistic, is the first step. Many people do this at the new year. I do that. I think calendar events like holidays and birthdays are a good time to get that fresh start. However, you can begin a goal any time.

Starting early is key. Fourth quarter is a good time to think about how your life in 2010 is working out and begin your dreams about a kick-butt 2011. Being introspective about your success and failures will help you identify areas you want to expand or improve next year.

Missing your target is not a failure. Sometimes people set goals, and do not achieve them, and thus get depressed or tainted about the whole goal setting thing. I have found that missing a goal is not always bad, as often my pursuit of a goal brought me to higher levels of success than I would have had without that target in my sights. Other times I discover something else along the way I did not even know I wanted, and change my goal while en route. That's okay too... it is my life not a stone tablet.

If you live in Austin I recommend you attend the "Re-Ignite Your Dream Machine" seminar on Monday, November 1, 2010 (at 5:30 PM - St. Edward's University). The cost is only $10 (in advance... $20 at the door). This program will get you thinking about 2011 with plenty of time to fine tune your goals before your New Years' Day hangover arrives!

If you are rolling your eyes and still wishing you had more success in life.... then you may want to ask.... "Am I a constant eye roller?". Your goal might want to be to get over being instantly negative all the time :-)

Have A Great Day


Thom Singer is available for short "Goal Coaching" sessions by telephone. These calls are inspirational, educational and motivational. Invest in yourself to make 2011 the best year ever. For more information contact Thom Singer at thom (at) thomsinger.com


Vic Johnson said...

Thom, I couldn't agree more about starting early. If you're going to hit the ground running on 1 January you can't be trying to figure out your goals the last week of December. The go getters will be way ahead of you right out of the box. Get something on paper by early December even if you have to tweak it later. Anything on paper is better than nothing. Here's a simple goal setting worksheet to give you a head start. Great post!

Ryan said...

I have never taken "goal setting" seriously. In 2010 I took your advice and wrote my goals down and referred to them daily. I had my best year ever, even in this economy.