Sunday, October 24, 2010

Help A Friend Out (#HAFO) and Thank Those Who Help You

I advise people that a great way to become relevant in your business community is to be a person who helps others find their success. Seeking ways to assist people to get closer to their dreams makes them pay more attention to your existence. Also, when people return the favor, and help you... you MUST show your appreciation. Being a "giver" and a "thanker" are key ways to raising your own visibility.

Sounds simple, right?

Seems like "fluff advice", right?

Appears too elementary, right?

Ummmm, yes, but so many people fail to make helping others part of their routine that those who do it stand out from the crowd. Everyone is so busy trying to expand their horizons that they are not seeing the easy ways that they can impact others. Because of this, when you step up... people are blown away by your generosity.

Additionally, too many people forget to say "thank you" to those who do bring them opportunities, and that undermines the whole process. When you forget to show gratitude, it sends a message that you expect them to serve YOU....and nobody likes that type of response. Thus they think twice before helping you the next time.

You are always being observed, and those who see you as one who gives and thanks will want to be in your circle of influence. If they see you as a "taker" they will run like heck in a different direction.

Tim Tyrell-Smith blogged this week on his "Tim's Strategy Blog" about helping others. He mentioned that if you want to be awesome in your everyday life you should find ways to think less about yourself and more about others around you. He also created a Twitter Hashtag and encourages people to use it daily when "tweeting" info that "helps a friend out" (#HAFO).

Two best-authors, Tim Sanders (Love Is The Killer Ap) and Gary Vaynerchuk (Crush It!) are both releasing books in 2011 on the topic of gratitude and saying "thank you". This topic is HUGE, and will get bigger once their books are released (both are predicted to be best-sellers). Chris Brogan writes about this consistently on his blog. Fast Company Magazine (this month) has an article by "Do Something" CEO Nancy Lublin called "Two Little Words",... yep, she is talking about "Thank You"!

Why so much ink being given to this? BECAUSE IT MATTERS and people do not seem to do these simple things that lead to more success in the long run.

Will people listen to Tim, Tim, Gary, Chris, Nancy and me?

Or will things remain the same? (my guess is they will remain the same)

Many people claim they want to "help" others, but never get around to it. They profess they understand the power of saying "thanks", but once they get busy with their own stuff, they fail on the necessary steps to appreciate.

This means if you help others, and show gratitude to those who help you, you will stand out from the crowd. In today's crazy world you need to find ways to shine. And is there a better way to win than being one who assists and praises others along the way.

Try it this week. Help and Thank. Help and Thank. Repeat.

Have A Great Day.



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