Friday, October 15, 2010

Make A Career Doing What You Love

There is a big difference between performing a job, and doing what you love. You feel the power in your heart when you are fully engaged in something that is a true passion. It is not work, but instead and extension of your soul.

And the people around you can tell the difference too!

Several years ago I discovered that I had a calling to be a professional speaker (and consultant / coach). Over time I had been asked to give presentations, be the MC for business events, and share ideas to help others.... but did not think that one could earn a living doing something that was so much fun.

I have spent more than a decade learning about the business of speaking and have the utmost love and respect for the industry (and for others who are dedicated to being a professional speaker and promoting the profession!)

This week I was the opening keynote speaker and the "Conference Networking Catalyst" for a major technology conference in Dallas. While the focus of the event was "Computer Networking", my message of "People Networking" was a key point echoed in the technology industry presentations. It matters regardless of your job title!

I loved being with the attendees, vendors, speakers and organizers at this event. I spent time meeting them at breaks and meals.... and enjoyed hearing their stories about how the opportunities in their lives came from people.

I spoke with a senior IT executive from a Fortune 500 company who mentioned that he had seen many presentations on networking, career development, and marketing skills,..... but had not seen a speaker find quite as much joy in sharing a message about the power of business relationships. Many in the audience mentioned they were touched by the example of how giving the correct attention to people can impact success in business and personal life.

I loved being there, and they knew it.

Where is your passion? You do not need to become a speaker to share your love with others. Allow the love you have for your profession to ooze out all over the place no matter what your job. If you do not have that feeling of connection to your chosen career, maybe it is worth exploring why not. Maybe it is there and can be re-ignited. If not, perhaps a career change is a possibility.

Live a life connected to your inner passion and you will have more fun everyday!

Have A Great Day.


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ElvinP said...

I heard Thom at this conference and he changed my conference experience. I've been in IT and going to conferences for over 20 years and I met more people at this conference, which I've attended for the past 5 years than I ever have. If you have a conference and you want to stimulate the interaction amongst the attendess, Thom is the guy to do it.