Tuesday, September 28, 2010

People Do Business With Those They Know, Like, and Trust

For years I have told you that people do business with those they "Know, Like, and Trust". When you have all three working together, it is a solid standing three-legged stool. But if you are missing one, your business relationships can be wobbly.

All things being equal, most people prefer to give their money to (or hire) people with whom they have confidence. We spend our time researching products and services using our logical mind, but many decisions are made with the gut and heart.

But something significant has happened over the last two years: The definition of the word "KNOW" has changed in our society. The reason for this is the heavy adoption of the use of social media. Via the internet, too many people falsely believe they "know" everyone.

"I know her... I read her blog!"

"I know him, I saw him on YouTube"

"I know that person, I Googled them"

In today's competitive business world there are many complex issues that impact sales decisions, --- and "know, like and trust" are a key factor. The problem is that your customers and prospects also "know" your competitors. So you need to care if they "like" you (and "trust" you). These are subjective feelings, but I have known many people to make important decisions based on these factors. However, they will rarely tell you they did not choose you because your personality. They give all sorts of other false answers instead of just saying - "you are a prick".

Some sales trainers and consultants try teach that the "personal touch" stuff does not matter, but when making sales calls to be hired to work with a client company, they work hard on just that... being liked and trusted (as they know it matters!). Never kid yourself, relationships make a difference.

Gone are the days of gimmicky closing techniques and sales "tricks". Buyers are more sophisticated, but they are still human beings who will follow their gut when making decisions.

If I think you are a jerk, I am not going to give you my business!

Since we all can "know" everyone with just a few clicks, it leaves "Like and Trust" floating alone in the wind.

How you treat other people will effect how they feel about you. If you want to win more business (or find a job), you need to embrace the power of establishing meaningful relationships with others.

I recently had a conversation with a professional speaker / trainer who disagreed with me on my theories of "the power of business relationships". She rubbed me the wrong way, and had an abrasive personality. Her name came up in discussion with a Fortune 500 company who had considered hiring her for a training program. While she was smart, she would not work for that company because of how poorly she treated one of their training managers on the phone. They did not "like" her and could not "trust" that her personality would not negatively impact their training program. BANG.... she lost business because a potential client did not like or trust her! They did not tell her those reasons, but instead gave another explanation. (There is justice in the universe!).

Like matters. Trust matters. Know has become generic!

Have A Great Day.


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Brigitte said...

Nice to see how like and trust is increasingly part of relevance. Thanks Thom, for your great insights and reminders.