Monday, September 13, 2010

13-Year-Old Artist Takes On Landscape Architecture

Bobby is 13-years-old. He is an accomplished artist who has won many school and city-wide awards. The world is his canvass; he paints, sculpts, twists wire into amazing shapes, and takes found items (aka "junk") and makes them amazing pieces that "wow" the imagination. He works with wood, cardboard, paper-mache, clay, metal, oil paints, water colors, styrofoam, etc...

For Bobby the whole world is art.

His next project? Landscape architecture! He asked his parents if their simple grass backyard could become his next artistic venture....

They said "yes".

He is now in the process of out with the old, and in with the new. He rented a BobCat and carved the slope in the yard into a level field (his dad helped). He will construct a retaining wall and planter to frame the yard with flowers and plants. There will be a patio, BBQ area, and grassy knoll.

I was not this ambitious at 13-years-old.

Also, how many parents just say "OK" and then take the kid to Home Depot to rent heavy machinery?

I am confident this yard will become the showplace of the neighborhood when he completes his landscaping adventures.

How come Bobby can do this? Because nobody told him he couldn't. He sees the completed project in his mind. As he toured me around the muddy palate behind his home he pointed out exactly where his dad will stand to BBQ burgers for the family. He visualized his mom with a cold beverage sitting at the table, that is only now in his imagination. He knows where the dog (a giant St. Bernard named "Tug") will nap in the sun.

Did I mention he is thirteen?

I know many grown ups who never follow their dreams. They have ideas in their mind, but never create paths to accomplishing greatness.

Your dream might not be art. You may not want to do the heavy lifting of yard-work and landscaping.... but I would wager you have something you desire to take from the corners of your mind and share with the world.

Who said you can't? Go find a way to do it.

Have A Great Day.


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