Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Real Entrepreneurs See Ideas In Everything and Take Action!

My friend Kelsey August is an entrepreneur. She has founded multiple companies, written a cookbook, owns rental property, and has created several products. She is a natural "doer". Many people think of ideas, few take the action necessary to make them happen.

Those with the entrepreneur spirit find business ideas where others find frustration. Kelsey has cats (yes, plural). They destroyed the bottom of her bed, but more important, a cat hiding in a box spring can be injured when people lay down.

Nobody want to kill their cat by squishing it!! (Yikes).

Alas, she created a new product that will "Cat Proof Your Box Spring". Once she created the idea, she went and made it happen. The product comes in sizes for all beds, and she has options for sofas and chairs.

Now available online (and it makes a great gift!).

Check it out at

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