Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Psychology of Successful Job Search (with Tim Tyrell-Smith)

This quick video on The Psychology of Successful Job Search features Tim Tyrell-Smith of Tim's Strategy.

In a short time Tim has become a powerhouse in the career world. He has become a speaker, writer, blogger, social media maven, and job search guru.

If you are looking for a new job, you need to know Tim's Strategy. Tim has been there, done that, and loves to share ideas that will help you succeed.

***Side note, Tim Tyrell-Smith and I went to college together over 20 years ago in Southern California. I had not seen him since 1989, but last year was reconnected to him when his blog began to explode on the national scene. Since that time we have been in touch regularly, and have helped each other find additional success. I tell you this because you need to look around and find people from your past who might work in complimentary areas. When growing your network, it is often faster to re-establish a lost friendship than it is to create a new one!


Terry said...

Thanks for the Tyrell-Smith link. I passed this along to several friends and have received positive feedback. Hopefully Tim’s blog will be helpful in their job search.

Tim’s Psychology of Job Search extends beyond a job search to business development, client management, hiring to maintain the culture of your company: If your mind isn’t right, you can’t deliver the best you, client pitch, presentation, etc.

Tim brings a different meaning to “get your head in the game.”

marcrm said...

This is oh so true. I refer to this as PMA or Positive Mental Attitude. If you do not have PMA it is so much harder to succeed.