Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yes, I Cried

The Keynote Lunch Speaker on day three for the National Speakers Association Annual Convention was successful businessman, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and plane crash survivor - Nando Parrado.

His powerful story about surviving a 1972 plane crash in the Andes Mountains when he was 19 years old left no dry eyes in the house.

The survivors were all young men (ages 18 - 20) who were members of a Uruguayan rugby team. Amongst those who died were Nando's mother and sister. The search was abandoned after 8 days, as it was believed that nobody could survived at the high altitude and the below freezing temperatures. They lived for 72 days before help arrived.

His book, "Miracle in the Andes", recounts the details, as well as a 1993 movie, "Alive". It is a true story of courage, teamwork, leadership and determination. But the raw emotion and genuine honesty of this man telling his story live in front of 2000 people was more impactful than I can describe in this blog post.

My experience at the NSA 2009 Convention has been amazing. Mr. Parrado's presentation reminded me that while speaking style, voice, tone, PowerPoint images and stage presence are important, .... that is is the presenter's honesty, emotion, authenticity and willingness to speak from the heart that makes the difference.

Have A Great Day.


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agentjason said...

Cool post Thom. I was taught by Floyd Wickman, CPAE about breaking through the glass wall between speaker and audience. Essentially it's the honesty, emotion and authenticity you mention that allows you to get through. Sounds like that speaker did a great job!