Friday, July 24, 2009

Powerful Women

The 15th Annual Austin Business Journal "2009 Profiles In Power Awards" honored 25 Central Texas Woman of Influence.

The sold-out luncheon featured local celebrity Ambassador Karen Hughes as the keynote speaker. While I have lived in Austin for two decades, I had never had the chance to see Mrs. Hughes speak before. WOW. She had a great way of blending her internal government experience with her Texas charm. Great presentation!

Three good friends of mine were amongst the women of distinction who were honored this year. I would like to use this space on my blog to tell them CONGRATULATIONS.

Marny Lifshen. Marny is a long-time friend and the co-author of "Some Assembly Required: A Networking Guide for Women". She is a communications consultant and a professional speaker who is being hired by corporate women's initiatives programs throughout the country to help inspire professionals to excel.

Kerri Qunell. Kerri is the Vice President of Communications for the Capitol Area Food Bank. I have known her for over 15 years. Early in our careers we shared an office when we both worked at the Austin Chamber of Commerce. It was a small office, and she put up with my loud voice... which is the sign of a good friend!

Ellen Wood. Ellen is the co-founder and CEO of vcfo. I worked for Ellen for two years and admired the way she has grown her company in good times and bad. Before I worked at vcfo, Ellen and I had known each other when we were both on the board of TEXCHANGE. I learned a lot from working with her, and am pleased to have her as a friend.

Congratulations to Marny, Kerri, Ellen, and the other 22 winners of the 2009 Profiles in Power Award.

Have A Great Day.


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