Monday, July 06, 2009

Sarah Palin

There, I did it. I put her name in the title of this blog post and thus triggered some amazing feelings (positive and negative) from the hundreds of people who are reading this post.

The thing is, I don't understand how this one person stirs over the top emotional responses from people on both the far left and the far right. I have seen politicians over the years who were loved and hated, but few that could drive people to orgasm or homicide as easily as Mrs. Palin.

As a "Recovering Republican" (but not a Democrat) and self described "Extreme Centrist", there are things that I dislike and admire about Sarah Palin. I spent a lot of time researching her during the 2008 campaign (even before John McCain selected her as his running mate... I was not one who had NEVER heard of her before that announcement), and she is an interesting public figure.

Without question she is one of the most poised public speakers in politics (you may not like her views, but the woman can deliver a speech better than anyone but Reagan, Clinton and Obama).

While I believe she was in way over her head during the historic 2008 race, I am not so shallow that I would call her "dumb", "bimbo", "idiot" or "fool" (all word that people I know, and usually respect, have used to talk about her). I do not believe she that currently has what it takes to run for president, but if she wants to run, that is her choice. I doubt she could win. But she has the right to run if she wants. We also have the right not to vote for her! Can't figure out why her running scares or excites people at this point.

I don't get it. She resigned from being governor and it sent the media and others into a frenzy. So what? If this move was so damning to her brand, then those who hate her should be thrilled. If it is an amazingly smart move, then maybe they should praise her for not being as dumb as they thought. But in reality, it was neither. It is what it is, and we wont know the reality until we see what she does in the future.

My beef with politics is that the far left and the far right are both so darn hateful. Both sides are focused on making someone into a flawless God or tearing them to shreds. All the politicians are in the middle. The fringe on both sides have the same sour soul (yes, they are mental twins). Both the far left and the far right have lost touch with reality and view it all as a game. For those in the middle, this is no game. It is the future. We need to take the hate AND the hero worship out of politics.

Sarah Palin has both sides pouring a ton of attention on her every move, which is turning her into an icon. This is not good for either those who idolize her or those who despise the woman. Michael Jackson was an icon.... and look how that played out.

We would all be better off if people just ignored her for a while.

If you are crazy over this post, go take a deep breath. I am not writing to promote or undermine Palin. I am just venting that I do not understand her power over getting people riled up.

Share your insights with me on why she has this power over the media and others.

Have A Great Day.



RPB said...

That's why I like you Tom, you understand that a politician is just that, a politician.

Hope all is well

John Peltier said...

Tom, thanks for writing something I've been thinking. The idolatry and hatred on opposing sides for all players is becoming quite tiring.

Jen Wojcik said...


Good stuff...good stuff indeed.

I still think we should ship them all off & start over from scratch.


Jen Wojcik

Anonymous said...

She scares many on the left because she does not play by the rules. They painted Dan Q and others with their lies and hate and the past republicans just hid and ran. Sarah fights back. This is not part of how the game is played in politics. If the democrats and press hit you hard they expect you to go away in shame, not get up swinging.

The right loves her because the left hates her so much. If the left had been mildly annoyed and indifferent about her from the beginning, she would not be so popular.

John Peltier said...

Rats - Thom, my apologies, I shorted you an "h" last night. Sorry!

Eugene Sepulveda said...

I'm glad she was the VP nominee and hope she is the GOP nominee in 2012. Agreed, she has every right to run.