Saturday, July 30, 2005

Weekend Blog 7 - A Different World

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A Different World

In 1900 Thomas Hill was 16 years old. Both his parents had died and he found himself responsible for his four younger brothes and sisters; ages twelve, ten, six and four. He sent a letter to his older brother who had left Ireland two years earlier. His brother replied, instructing young Tom to sell the family farm and bring the children to Chicago.

Within a month, Tom and his younger siblings left Castle Bar, in County Mayo, and crossed the Atalantic Ocean to begin a new life in America. A new life that included helping raise his siblings, getting married, and having ten children and twenty-six grandchildren.

Tom Hill was my grandfather. I am the youngest of his 26 grandchildren.

Think for a minute about being sixteen years old and having to take on that level of responsiblity. Although he passed away when I was seven months old (he lived to see all of his children and all of his children's children) I often think about the life that my grandfather lead..... And how in today's world we often feel so burdened by the "stress" in our lives. Is life in 2005 really that hard when you look at it through the eyes of those who lived 100 years ago? Are the pressures of our jobs actually that difficult?

Just something to think about.

Have A Great Weekend.

Thom Singer