Sunday, July 03, 2005

Weekend Blog 3

The Weekend Blog is a time to be off the main topic of this Business / Networking Blog

What Is Your Favorite Color????

While vactioning with some friends and their family in a villa in Siena, Italy I encountered many things that could fill the pages of this blog. However a quick and funny story came from watching my three-year-old daughter (who I have nicknamed "The Human Tornado", but that is a story for a different post).

The family we were with on this Italian Holiday also have a three-year-old daughter. Since we do not get to see these friends as often as we would like, the kids have not spent much time together during their young lives. So this was a first meeting, of sorts, for a pair of girls who seem destined to be life long friends. They immediately hit it off and began to play together. Both are outgoing and a bit on the wild side (for three-year-olds). At one point while deeply involved in some serious playing, Victoria looked at Kate and said, "Kate? So what is your favorite color?". Kate enthuiastically proclaimed, "RED!!!! What's yours?".

Then playing resumed.

It made me our busy grown up lives, how often do we take the time to ask those around us such profound questions?

What is your favorite color?

Have a great weekend.

Thom Singer

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