Saturday, July 23, 2005

Weekend (Audio) Blog 6 - Kate Sings

The Weekend Blog is off the main topics of marketing, biz dev, sales, PR and networking.....and will often be about anything under the sun. Like today.....

Kate Sings

This is just a cute clip of my three year old singing "The Turtle Song". Move over Madonna!!! She is a bit of ham, could you tell from the picture?

Click on the arrow to play the audio blog. If that does not work, double click on the MP3 link.

MP3 File

Have A Great Weekend

Thom Singer


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...that is soooooo cute.


Lisa said...

That's really cute. Good job Kate!

Car Gal said...

No thanks, I got my own 6 year old to listen to.