Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Audio Blog - "Hello, My Name Is..."

Below is an audio blog on the importance of nametags at business networking events. Some folks do not like nametags, but they are useful tool to help initiate conversation.

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Thom Singer


angel said...

very interesting. I sure need marketing tips.

Steve Harper said...

That event planner obviously isn't growing her business through networking! Name tags, or should I say legible name tags, are an absolute must.

I have tried one strategy at these events which usually opens up some really interesting conversations. I only put my first name in big bold letters. When I cross paths with someone new, invariably the question is asked, "So STEVE, what do you do?" I found this to be a great ice breaker and something that gets people talking.

My two cents for the day! Great Audioblog Thom!

Ripple On My Friends!

Steve Harper