Thursday, August 06, 2015

Here They Go Distorting The Word "NETWORKING" - Again!!!

There is a recent article in Fast Company called "How to Stop Networking and Build Real Relationships" that is all fluff and mirrors.  The author describes "networking" as using people and self-promotion.  This is just wrong.

The definition of networking is "the creations of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships where all people involved in the relationships find more success".  This is not using, in fact it is what he is claiming people should be doing to find business success.

Had this author not abused to word "networking" to fit his needs, his article should have been titled "Stop doing selfish crap and start networking".  Boom.  That would be a good article.

Many people who want attention in the world of teaching business relationship skills like to make networking an evil term.  They either do not understand what it is all about, or worse, they do understand but are manipulating their readers with false truths. 

Creating long-term and mutually beneficial relationships is what they claim to teach.  Instead of writing misleading articles, why not write about how people can stop doing things that undermine their reputation and start serving their communities.  Pinning the problem on a word is silly, as the offenders never see themselves as guilty of doing things wrong.

I wonder why I blogged about this today?  This has been coming up for years, and I watch a parade of self-proclaimed gurus state "I don't network, I connect".  Yeah, yeah --- word manipulation gets attention and gets clicks.  I know.

Here is my advice.  Call it whatever you want, but get over yourself and start helping others find success and you will discover that you have an awesome network (or whatever word you want to insert) that leads you toward success.

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