Friday, August 14, 2015

Don't Be Average - Be The Best You Can Be

40 Tips To Re-Invent and Re-Launch at Age 40, 50, or Beyond. (Tip #16)

If you want to make a change, be committed to being the best you can. Do not settle for being average.

Recently I interviewed fitness expert Greg Barth on "The Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast".  At age 40 Greg transformed his fitness and life.  In the conversation he said he got tired of being average, and made the decision to be the best he could be when it came to his health.  He lost 25 pounds and became a fitness trainer, inspiring others to get healthy.

This dedication translated to all areas of his life.  Greg now is achieving more in his personal and professional life.  He is building a business, being a great dad, and reaching the highest levels of personal performance.

His words about not settling for average behavior have lingered in my mind.  I have many areas where I have allowed myself to be comfortable with my actions, as they are good enough.  But am I pushing myself to live at my highest levels?  No.

If you are seeking ways to re-invent and re-launch, doing so with 100% commitment to being the best YOU that you can be is paramount to success.  You cannot let average satisfy your soul.  Fitness, diet, relationships, business, recreation, etc... can be average or extraordinary.  The difference rests in our mindset.

Reading this you might be thinking these are great ideas, but how do I put them into action?  This will be easy from some people and more difficult for others.  The key to unlocking your commitment to excellence is in observations, review and actions.  If you are not paying attention to and considering your efforts, then you cannot improve.  It is hard to question yourself constantly, as sometimes you will not like the answers.  But measuring and assessing your progress is the path to self-improvement.

Realizing that it wont happen all at once, and that I will fail at points along the journey (and that is okay) has helped me move forward on my own growth.  But this new dedication to not allow average to be enough is motivating me to keep going.

Good Luck.

Have A Great Day

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