Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kid Going Off To College

This week we will drop our oldest daughter off at college.  I still remember bringing this little baby home from the hospital over 18 years ago.  We sat in the living room, staring at this 35-hour-old human being thinking "They made a mistake, they let us take a baby home all by ourselves".  

Being "Dad" to my two daughters has been a great journey.  They have taught me a lot about the world, and about myself.  They showed me that I must have heard my parents ongoing words of wisdom as I was growing up, because my own father's advice seems to come out of my mouth daily.

I am sad to see her leave home, but so proud of the ambitious young woman who is currently packing her suitcases.  She has a good head on her shoulders and a long list of life and career goals.  Some she will achieve, others she may not, but her own journey is going to be amazing.  I wish I had been as driven to succeed when I was her age.

Saying good-bye will be difficult, but she is ready to go to college and to launch her own life. Heck, she has been ready since the 4th grade.  

This week reminds me of my own departure from my parents home 31 years ago.  While I was not as much of an academic achiever as my kid, I did begin my life with gusto and built lasting friendships that have lasted to this day.  The first person I met in the dorm has become like a brother to me (He is my oldest kid's Godfather, and my business partner) and he and others from college shaped my life and inspired me to strive to my own levels of success.  My biggest hope for my daughter is that she will meet people of amazing character this week who will become the "forever friends" that will be with her long into the future.   Study hard kiddo, but never forget the power of relationships.

As we fly across the country to deposit her on campus and then leave her behind, I am sure I will be thinking "They made a mistake, they are letting us leave her by herself".  But this is no mistake.  This is the next phase of life for all of us.  

Have A Great Day

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