Friday, January 31, 2014

Cool Things My Friends Do: The Jovin Family - Tropiceel Products, Inc.

Each Friday on this blog I enjoy highlighting some of the cool things my friends do in their personal and professional lives.

The Jovin family of Oregon are my new friends whom I met this week.  Merrilyn and her three sons (Patrick, Bert and Sean) were some of the most engaging people I have run across in a long time. I was the opening speaker and "the Conference Catalyst" at an industry trade show where they were exhibiting their all natural pain relief products. Tropiceel Products, Inc. manufactures and distributes non-analgesic pain creams that restore, rebuild and rebalance... while being 100% chemical free.

In addition to their products (I tried a sample on my feet,... and if you have ever been to a trade show you know that your feet ache at the end of the day.... but their product took away that fatigue!), the Jovin's had infectious personalities.  I enjoyed the way their family works together in this and other family owned businesses.  Merrilyn and her husband (He was not there - but sounds like quite an interesting guy) have included their kids in their entrepreneurial ventures since the boys (now in their 20s) were young.  Working together in business with clear success goals seems to have cultivated a very close family unit.

Merrilyn used to be a speaker and trainer for Mary Kay, and had a delightful personality.  She also understood my world as a professional speaker, and we had a great conversation about the industry and what makes for memorable presentations.

Patrick, Bert and Sean were proof that the younger generations in the workforce will properly take over the world and work hard to make it a better place.  There is much written about young professionals acting "entitled", but these guys understood hard work, teamwork, responsibility, and moving toward future goals. 

I enjoyed seeing how their family worked together, and with mom at the helm I called them "the Partridge Family of Entrepreneurship".  I am not sure the boys (ages 22, 24, and 26) had any clue who the Partridge Family were, but it made Merrilyn smile!  With all the news about dysfunction in families, it was cool to see a family that was having fun together along their business journey.

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Stephen Lahey said...

Fun, uplifting story! Not sure that my wife would want to work w/me every day, though. LOL!